Monday, January 02, 2006

Solo epic

Got out early this morning for a ride from my house to Bradley Palmer. The single track was covered by two or three inches of dry powder. Great riding conditions. The Hakkas were the key to riding on a day like this. After scaring myself on some snow covered down hills I hit the road for an hour and peddled up through Ipswich and into West Gloucester. I should have installed my front fender..That would have helped me avoid eating so much salt as it splashed off my front tire while on road. I got back into the woods around Red Rock and took the Wimp-out double track that runs the east side of Haskell pond. I call it "wimp-out double track" b/c it's an easy way to link up to School St with out riding the tougher single track on the west side of the pond. Wimp-out was still fun at high speed with the snow cover and ice beneath. After popping out on School St and riding south I re-entered the woods at Cedar swamp and soon on to Ancient line. Some of the best riding of the day. The small pines that line the trail were weighted down with the fresh snow fall. There was no way to avoid smashing into the bent over branches and it wasn't long before I was snow covered too. Good thing that I ended the ride with this trail and not began here. Half-way through Ancient line I was soaked! I didn't care..My house was only a half hour away. I reached home deep in the pain cave. Bit dehydrated. Went directly to the kitchen for nourishment and then to a hot tub.

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