Monday, June 29, 2009

good times

To define the term "screwing off" you should have been with us ALL DAY Saturday, taking notes armed with a pad and pen. Thom P, Jeff W and myself held class on blowing off steam, taking no prisoners, riding lots, staying out way late, eating red meat and not flossing. Well, maybe the flossing part was just me. Happy (almost) bygone-bachelorhood to my friend Thom P.
After an epic mid-day ride, in deep blue sky with warm sunshine. And after CVS Pharmacy saved our (my) tired and cramped legs with a red bull and can of pringel's, we met up with an enthusiastic crew at Red Bones. Led by (non other than) the man with a plan to visit every bar in Boston, Mr. Greg the leg. A brief conversation with Skip Brown over Alabama hot ribs got me fired up. Man I am now thinking my mountain bike racing life was far too short. I digress...Thanks for a great weekend. It's doubtful that any of us will ever grow up...and why should we?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Oslo, Norway

One O’clock on Tuesday. A quick trip home to gather an over night pack, snatch my passport, forgot my razor, a stop at Boarders for a lonely Planet guide to Oslo. The seven hour envoy flight was more like dinner and a movie at a four star bistro. I had the salmon, best meal I’ve had aboard a plane yet. The three drinks, Clint Eastwoods's "Gran Torino" and four hours of shut eye. This impromptu trip, resulting from a one line email from my director; need help in OSL…you game? A one word answer; YES.
Now sitting aboard an 8:21 train, but we are still in the station at 8:44. Heading back to OSL Gardermoen Airport for my first day of work in Norway. I’ve been dispatched to relocate two offices for the company. I feel it’s a reward for 8 months of work, really. But wasn’t I rewarded two weeks ago as Lesli and I lounged on the beaches of Kaua’I Hawaii for ten days. Man, when it rains it pours I guess.
This was my first trip to Europe. My first experience of the attitudes, broad mindedness, foreign customs, excessive cigarette smoke, Norwegian food, Viking architecture, hundreds of nude sculpture, ridiculous prices, apparent wealth, exceptional public transportation, impeccably dressed individuals, wide range of language spoken, day light until eleven pm and dawn at 4am. Who ever said that NYC was the city that never sleeps hasn’t been to Oslo in the summer..
But, be forewarned for pick-pockets on the streets at night. Grab them by the shirt collar and give them the crazy eye, they'll drop your shit if your lucky.
Thanks to Ray and he extensive knowledge of Oslo, among every other city in Europe. I didn't use my Lonely Planet once! And to Mui Mui, see you in Munich for Oct'Fest 2009!