Monday, December 29, 2008

putting the FU in foot

I don't know what it was, just caught in the moment I guess. Feeling a rush of adrenaline as we carved through piles of fresh powder on opening day. Each run better than the first. Faster and more aggressive. This was to be a magical day on the board with my best compadre' Jeff...
"Hang on man, I have a cramp in my foot." Looking down at Jeff as I pause at the top of Exterminator Woods. My body giving signs that things aren't as hunky-dory as a moment ago. My foot is cramped like never before and I'm laughing thinking that it's just my body's way of telling me it's early season.
Jeff is looking up at me, "you're taking off your boot? I continue to laugh. Jeff takes out a camera and snaps this photo. For forty minutes I had overlooked the fact that my front binding was so tight it was cutting much needed circulation to my foot.
So, if this happens to you don't just take your foot out of the boot. It will blow up to the size of a beach ball and as purple as barney the dinosaur.
Being human is the best, and the worst sometimes. I turn 35 next week. When will I learn to slow down... My body might be trying to tell me something.
Now a week later. Ample rest? No not really. The swelling and shades of purple were subsiding. But the 60 degree temps were too much of a temptation. Christopher and I spun an easy pace on the back roads of Manchester. Once again caught in the moment, this time with the correct tension on my shoe straps. But my foot gave me a big 'ol FU at the top of Jersey street hill.
Last week's epic 20 inch snowfall melts just as quick as it fell overnight a week ago. Things could not have been mellower on this fixie cruise. Damn I wish we had not gone up Jersey hill. The top of my foot swelling up once again and I feel the now familiar pressure of my gimpy foot.
I had neglected to tell Christopher (Nice new website BTW!...and he updated his blog..holy cow!) about my injury but now came out with the news as I sat sidelined atop the back country road.
Maybe this time I'll let it heal completely before I turn up the fun meter.
How can't you turn up the fun meter? On December 28th and we're out riding glove less in Massachusetts. Two weeks of rest and then we'll see. Undoubtedly a month before I can attempt to snap off that fun meter.
...and probably two months before I can attempt this stretch. But thanks for the tip Lesli.