Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Going on Tour

It was Glenn that first put this idea into motion, now it has evolved into a plan. The plan still has details to be worked out and plane tickets to be purchased, and equipment to be selected, and credit cards to be charged..BTW where the hell is my Bush economic stimulus check? I need to be stimulated here GW..
The plan to race the Colorado trail has been modified, (quite correctly I might add) to a tour of the CTR. It'd be different if the four of us, Glenn, Tim, and now Jeff W, were familiar with all 28 segments of the 535 mile Colorado trail, (but we will be by July 30th) that would almost justify racing the whole trail. So, a tour it will be!

Anybody have panniers I can borrow? will trade for beer.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

my Commute

The fastest way from point A to point B in my commute just happens to Cross this Rotary in Revere named Bell Circle. I thought the name referred to it's shape or historic land mark near by. But now I think it's named Bell because that's what you'll get rung. Fooling around on Wednesday's commute I shot this vid from my phone..Yesterday I came close to being run over, so I think I'll avoid getting my bell rung in the circle by extending my commute through Saugus instead.

Monday, May 19, 2008

need frame?

Tal is cleaning out his basement.
This early Merlin 56cm could be yours.

school is in session

A proper trail tour of the College town of Amherst Ma
yesterday. Professor Tim Cook led Glenn and I on a gnarly
7 hour adventure that redefined the meaning of rocky switch-back.

The view from atop a radio tower
precisely the time we called it quits
and ran for warm dry clothes, and burgers and fries.
We were riding the newest fad in mountain bikes,
mini bikes...
not 29'ers but 2.9"ers
or at least that what it looks like from forty feet up.

Monday, May 12, 2008

10th aniversary

'98 Mt Washington Auto Road.
I wasn't there - but we are now.
reflect with spontaneous laughter,
respect some hard efforts,
the camera captures the reward.
Feel the rivalry and friendship,
yup, those were Glory Days.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

dents be gone

Two things I hate in life; Running out of coffee beans and bad haircuts. I am in both positions currently. The lack of coffee being more problematic presently.
Anyway, Igleheart showed me a secret way to pull dents out of top tubes yesterday...and whaddaya know...it worked!
See dent
Grease dent
Squeeze dent, (with two blocks with the correct radius...)
Bye Bye dent.

I should have taken another picture of the end result but the dent was 90% gone. So I tried it on my 29'er's top tube (yeah, seems I dent everything). That worked too, leaving just a ripple where there was once a big'ol dent.