Tuesday, May 06, 2008

dents be gone

Two things I hate in life; Running out of coffee beans and bad haircuts. I am in both positions currently. The lack of coffee being more problematic presently.
Anyway, Igleheart showed me a secret way to pull dents out of top tubes yesterday...and whaddaya know...it worked!
See dent
Grease dent
Squeeze dent, (with two blocks with the correct radius...)
Bye Bye dent.

I should have taken another picture of the end result but the dent was 90% gone. So I tried it on my 29'er's top tube (yeah, seems I dent everything). That worked too, leaving just a ripple where there was once a big'ol dent.


Thom P. said...

Worked a little bit better than dry ice eh? Not with such dramatic 80's hair-metal arena rock effects though.

Buddy said...

That is some good info.