Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Number 8

From my peer group of 13;
I am known as juror number 8.
It's day 2 of what is expected to be a lengthy trial.
"Will empanelment cause you considerable hardship sir?"
Four lawyers surround me in sidebar,
with perky ears and encouraging smiles.
The judge, hovers from his high bench,
He emphasizes the word considerable
and waits for my answer with eyebrows raised.
"Please take seat number eight" and announces my new identity.

It's day 2 and this morning
I am known as bike commuting juror number 8.
Jurors 1 and 7 noticed my geek suit
as they passed me on the steps of the local shop.
I was enjoying breakfast and waiting for the doors to open
while drying out in the warm early morning sun.

Waiting to ask perfect strangers
to watch my bike
and it occurs to me,
Local Bike Shops
are like a brotherhood.

Not unlike the Freemasons.
What we lack is secret handshakes
and phrases with double meanings,
but make up for
with information revealing locations of
new connector trails
and, for the most part
are a bunch of honest folk.

I thanked them this afternoon upon my return and bought a U lock.
Lets see how honest the rest of Salem is.


h said...

OJ is guilty

IF Chicks said...

Juror #8 how fun.

Cool, the commute to Salem is much nicer for a change..the computer systems at the airport will be a mess by the time your trial is done !