Monday, June 29, 2009

good times

To define the term "screwing off" you should have been with us ALL DAY Saturday, taking notes armed with a pad and pen. Thom P, Jeff W and myself held class on blowing off steam, taking no prisoners, riding lots, staying out way late, eating red meat and not flossing. Well, maybe the flossing part was just me. Happy (almost) bygone-bachelorhood to my friend Thom P.
After an epic mid-day ride, in deep blue sky with warm sunshine. And after CVS Pharmacy saved our (my) tired and cramped legs with a red bull and can of pringel's, we met up with an enthusiastic crew at Red Bones. Led by (non other than) the man with a plan to visit every bar in Boston, Mr. Greg the leg. A brief conversation with Skip Brown over Alabama hot ribs got me fired up. Man I am now thinking my mountain bike racing life was far too short. I digress...Thanks for a great weekend. It's doubtful that any of us will ever grow up...and why should we?

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Big Bikes said...

How cool is it that so many 35+ year old dudes had no qualms about riding bikes to bars...especially ones like The Liberty Hotel?

Good crew!

I still don't how or when we lost you...