Sunday, February 12, 2006

Lost but riding

A nippley 20 degrees at the start of yesterday's ride for Jeff and I. First time I had ever worn neoprene booties over my shoes and my feet were toasty. The 5 minute spin down the road from my house to the woods was near torture as the below-freezing temps inflicted deep brain freeze. Once in the woods we were safe from the biting wind...that was until the grease in my rear hub froze. Back on the road to my house to swap the rear wheel. By the third trip down the road our faces were acclimated..or maybe just frozen numb.
We were out to link some trails known as the Bay circuit. Looking back I should have done a bunch more research on this trail system. I had ridden these trails years ago with Jamie Fisher to train for the 2000 or 2001 VT 50 and thought I knew how to navigate the carriage roads through Willowdale State Forest...not exactly. Oh well, the ride was not a total bust as we got a solid four hours in on the hard tails. Getting lost yesterday has given me a new interest in linking this trail system to train for the the cohutta 100 mile'r.. Oh wait a minute,... That's right - looking out my window I can only see piles of fresh powdery snow. Shit! Won't be connecting the Bay circuit any time soon...
Looks like the only spinning I'll get done will be in the basement while attempting to stay on that brainless machine. Damn Nor'easter!

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