Thursday, March 16, 2006

big wind leads to beers instead of bikes

On lunch break yesterday went back to Treads Bicycle outfitters and picked up a few slime tubes and a bike route map. Had all intentions of hooking the Highline Canal Bikeway to Cherry Creek State Park but huge wind gusts yesterday kept the riding to a minimum. Only a half hour into the ride I turned around partly because my legs were smoked from Tuesday's 4 hour loop around north Denver.
Met up with a few guys from class in the lobby of the Amerisuite hotel. We all piled into my rented PT Cruiser and hit Rt. 70 toward Denver. Arthur Bell from Orange County demonstrated some of his west-coast driving skills as we rocketed toward, I thought Boston drivers were bad!
Grabbed some food and walked around Denver, sampled some great beers at a few local breweries and ended the night with a "west-coast vs: east-coast" pool tourniment. Was Art Bell and Bill Hogan on the W.C. team vs: me and Bob Martin defending the east...we had some close games but the west coast guys eventually took us. Dragging ass in class this morning.
Hoping to hook up the trails after work today, wind has died excuse today.

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jeff said...

at least your priorities aren't totally f'd up.