Monday, March 13, 2006

First impressions

Aurora Colorado...Nice place to visit but not on my top ten list of places to call home. First day of class went good, better than expected. Very relaxed attitude from the instructors..Lots of info but all web based. Class is set up with everything we need to be exposed to. I was impressed with the amount of material the company dug up for us to learn. The training facility is United Airlines parts depot and repair center for the globe..That was until they out sourced.
Class let out at 3:00 and I was on the bike at 4:00. Loaded up my backpack and hopped on the sidewalk heading west on 40th ave. Aurora is expanding like's on the out-skirts of Denver and seems to be the home of EVERY chain restaurant and hotel. There are no small streets, just major 4 lane through ways. The town is relatively flat with zero tall trees, or any trees for that matter. Wide open plains with views of the Rockies in the distance.
I followed the sidewalk for a few miles and decided it was lame, good warm-up but boring. I crossed the street and headed into a field of prairie grass and tumble-weeds...First time I ever got a tumble weed caught in my derailuer. Looking at my GPS I saw only a huge expanse of open land with the nearest street a mile to my right. The field was tough riding but gave my legs a work out. Much like riding on the beach, sinking into deep sand. I didn't complain but just took it slow and enjoyed the burn.
Had enough beach burn and headed toward the only hill in sight. Now on Tower rd looking into the distance but can't decipher how far away this large sloping hill (almost pyramid like) is away from me. Look again at the GPS and decide that the top of this hill is seven miles from where I was. Deep purple sky's to my right were bearing down and my only thought was, (A) I am water-proof, but (B) my cell phone and digi camera were not. I had to bail on my quest to reach the top of the pyramid.
Maybe tomorrow...Gatta shower up and meet some guys in the lobby...going to the Out-Back for beers and some grub.


Jason said...

Are you out near the Red Roof in etc, near the Airport? I've stayed at that hotel like 6 times. That ground is sandy as hell. With $300K McHomes® sprouting up all over.

If you had time and it was later in the season I'd say getcherself up to Winter Park. LOTS of great riding up there. Probably covered in snow now though. Good luck.


Andy said...

exactly right. this place is the black hole of buisness travelers.

jeff said...

aurora sucks. hopefully you get into the hills and the trip isn't a complete waste of bike-time.