Thursday, April 20, 2006


T minus six hours till lift off. The last 36 hours have been a mad the bike, ride bike, make changes, tweek, change, ride, tweek. Think I've finally got the new steel rig set. She's a beauty! Loads of detail. Can't really tell... till she gets paint! Hope it doesn't rain too hard down in Georgia!
The new bike rocks! Just not familiar with it's riding characteristics yet..nothin a ten hour race can't cure! Loads of detail on the the new Igleheart frame; Silver-soldered polished stainless seat binder (say that 10 times fast), Love the stainless eye on the head badge! Nice burley gussets at the head tube and BB.
Soo much to do and soo little time..gotta pack, go shopping for food, get an oil change, go to the shop for last minute Jeff at noon...I'm screwed!


Jason said...

Good luck to you down south. Sweet frame. You and Jeff both rocking the new frames big time. Thanks for the enduro link. See that you can get seals for the X-BBs. Nice.

Did you get the .mp3 link Ieft for you? Thought you might dig.

Good luck, look forward to hearing all about it.

Buddy said...

Lokks Good, make sure you give us an update as to how it rides,