Thursday, April 13, 2006

Here's the buzz

Vacation week has been extremely relaxing. I have left the computer alone for the most part. Hell, I even shut off my phone - Now if that isn't relaxing I don't know what is!
Gotten a bunch done on the house. Had to finish scraping and sanding the final side of our ranch and paint her up. I have found that it's a great time of year to paint the house, not too hot and the wasps and bees aren't buzzing around quite yet. Although there are a few bees buzzing around. I have determined that I am afraid of stinging insect's, particularly when trapped high on a ladder. Got my "adrenaline fix" yesterday...When hammering on the skirt boards of my roof yesterday I paused because of strange noises. Sounded like an airplane taking off, no, more like hundreds of carpenter bees trapped in my attic franticly boring their way to the sound of my hammer! Every tap enraged the bees trapped behind the wall. Hurriedly I repaired the skirt board before the bees could find daylight. Too late..One big fat sucker squeezed his fat butt through the trim and clap boards.."ugly mother!" I shouted and I flew down the ladder. Got to find a way to kill those carpenter bees before they eat a hole in our house.
Today would have been the day to brush on the final coat but looks like rain this morning. Can't complain about that- weather has been outstanding.

Had a good mix of trail, xc and road riding this week. Hit the road for a few hours yesterday and ripped a loop through Manchester, Around Cape Ann and back through Ipswich. Beauty of an afternoon! I was looking to go out at the hottest point of the day to acclimate my self to warm weather..Didn't quite work though - the sea breeze off the ocean kept temps in the mid 50"s.

Going to visit Christopher today and see what progress he has made on my new steel rig. It's a 50/50 that I'll be riding her down south next week. Christopher had some problems with bending the seat stays so he ordered pre-bent stays...if he can't get'er done (love saying that) by Monday and off to the powder coater I may be building her on Wednesday night. Talk about cutting it close!
Anyone know about plant species? 6 feet tall with leather thick leaves.

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