Friday, April 28, 2006


I skipped beers at the shop this Friday opting to get home before the sun dipped to replace my car's rear brakes. I was certain that Jeff and I would be doing an emergency brake job on the side of the highway driving back from cohutta last Sunday. Lets just say we had to think ahead (way ahead) while exiting the highway because the brakes were non-existent. Well, problem solved.
My neighbor Harvey (an obsessed road biker ((the best kind)) for the past couple decades) has invited me on a group ride with a local road club early tomorrow morning. Harvey is a great guy, asked to see my road bike because he knows from last ride that I have it set-up all wrong, my defense.."I'm a mountain biker! What do I know about road bikes?" The bars are rolled down too far and the brake hoods are in the wrong position and the saddle is all wrong. Harvey disappeared across the street for a few minutes and reappeared with a shopping bag full of road goodies for my borrowed Buenos Aires. Thanks Justin, but we made some more changes.
The road ride tomorrow will be excellent but I am JACKED for the epic mountain bike ride Jeff and I have planned for Sunday. I drove the Igleheart frame to the powder-coater today so I'm left with the VT for the double Kahuna we've got planned. I have ridden a hardtail (cannondale and Igleheart) so often for the past few months, it's a change of pace to go back to a 6 inch travel dual squishy. Time to jump off shit!

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