Saturday, May 13, 2006


Cold Wet Epic! - you know your addiction to mountain biking is serious when your psyched to ride 5 hours in the pouring rain. Sunday comes 'round but once a week and you got to roll with what mother nature throws at you.
Got an epic loop in mind to ride some trails that can take the heavy rains with little impact. Should be a ride to remember. (similar to D's birthday ride at Shawnee Peak a few years back) First step in the plan is to ride 10 miles of road out to Manchester to be sure Jeff and I have the correct level of "swamp ass". Mantra of the ride will surely be 'keep it rollin'.

Playing a waiting game with the powder coater. It's been two full weeks since dropping off the Iglebike for some color...Anxiously awaiting the finished product. Hoping I picked a good color.


wraith said...

so you should be getting the Igleheart back soon. Can't wait to see it. When I heard hot pink my first thought was UGLY but that is in style now.

Andy said...

yo , Pink is a fast color!

I'd say it's more of a Mary Kay pink but I'm a little color blind.

Jason said...

I'd go with Labia Pink.

wraith said...

once you snatch this bike you will have to come up north and ride the red snail trail.