Sunday, May 07, 2006

Lesson learned

Saturday, 7:30 start
plan was to go hard for two and a half hours on the road then get some yard work done.
MP3 player rock'in for the first time in over a month - lovin the tunes.
2 bottles of HEED on frame, no camel back (trying just bottles as an experiment)
few hammer shots in pocket, along with tools and tubes

8:47 a.m. rolling trough Topsfield, know there's a Large CCB group ride going off at 9:00
Quickly call wife to see what I'd be blowing off if I were to go with them
Smiled as she told me to have fun with the group
Start at way back of pack of fifty riders, talking with everyone
big fun, sun shining, deep blue sky.

17 miles into ride, I'm working hard with guys up front.
not alot of talking, but some.
some Ego's bigger than others,
sprint develops, I go for the sprint and catch it
legs feel strong.

Merrimac River bridge @ mile 18, group breaks up into 3 rides of varied distances
I stick with the veteran CCB guys who have been hammering
There are 12 of us now out for 65 miles of their hilliest route
having a great time, chatting it up and meeting new riders.

plan now changed, new goal today was to put in HUGE effort and see how legs felt at end
pulled the group every chance I got
made some rookie mistakes but nothing dangerous
enjoying the experience of riding with veteran roadies and had respect for them.

20 miles to go, everyone was working
people were being dropped
I had HEED all over my face, hands, and brake levers
this was now a race.

8 riders remaining in paceline
continued to work hard on hills and push pace every chance I got
barely hanging on at some points

roll back into Topsfield and thanked the group for a damn nice ride.
took a quick left on to route 97 and pedal six miles home.
within 2 miles realize I am completely screwed.
legs burning, no liquid remaining - ran out long ago.

limped into my neighborhood
struggled to get in house
made 2 recovery drinks and headed for patio
sat down to stretch legs and drink fluids

slowly moved from stretching position to fetal position
lied on my right side with knees tucked for twenty minutes
head was f'n POUNDING
willing my self to puke, but didn't

why am I this messed up
dummy, you ran out of fluid well over an hour ago
my bottle-only experiment had put a hurt'n on me.
would have worked for a 50 mile spin, didn't expect to do 90 miles.
next time stick to camel back with heed in bottle.


wraith said...

What doesn't kill you only makes you dummerer or stronger? Well once again I'm a roadie. Thanks to our good friend brad I now own a road machine. Sold all mtn bikes, shaved everything, and bought many matching spandex ensambles. Well actually grip tape and tires. But addictions start somewhere.

Andy said...


Seems we have come full circle.

Jason said...

Bottles only is so "roadie". HA!
Finger down throat works better than willing one's self ;)