Wednesday, June 14, 2006

July Races

July is a busy race month

July 8th-All out in Moody Park DH and XC - two events, two different bikes.
July 9th - 6 hour of power

July 15 and 16 - Pat's Peak 24 - am I out of my mind for wanting to complete a solo 24 two weeks before Jay? Lighten the VT for the 24 hour race? do the 12 hour race again but this time on the Igleheart?

July 22 and 23- 24 hours of Killington - this would be a good one but falls to close to Jay 65

July 30th- Jay 60 - or now called the Jay 65 ? This is the race that beat me down to the fetal position in 2003 and the reason for training this year.

It's too bad the Wilderness 101 falls on July 29th...maybe next year.

But I am in for the Shenandoah 100 in September.

Now two ugly pictures, one worse than the other.

Unknown rider enjoying a mud bath at NS Classic last weekend
courtesy of mtb mind

A.P.'s broken elbow.
But I'm sure your girlfiends are looking after you.

All Zip-tied up! Stay off the skateboard for a while...

Big weekend for a few friends:

Good luck Jason at the Hard Core 24, Jeff at Mount Snow- Kick ass!
and Alex at the Lumberjack 100!


jeff said...

there's a 6hr at pat's peak... and same wknd is Root66's Holiday Farm race (Dalton, MA) - they say it'll be a long xc - 3hrs+ for experts.

Jason said...

Thanks! Nice elbow, that would suck.

IF Chicks said...

Dalton race should be great venue for XC race. Why not do that race (get ride with somebody to race) and then ride back home on road bikes or mtb on roads ??? Besides you won't have much competition at Pat's Peak, will you ??? KC

Andy said...

Dalton sounds good...but do I need a Norba lic to race expert? - I guess that's no big deal..any other races I'll need a norba lic for this year ya think?

jeff said...

yeah, i forgot about that NORBA bullshit. you have to buy a full license... but you may want to hit-up Landmine (Wompatuck) on Sept 10th.

IF Chicks said...

I forgot about the license too since I already have one. Here are some: Hodges Village Dam MA Aug 13, Landmine MTB MA Sept 10, Brialee Ramblin Rumble, CT Oct 1 (revisit your solo 24 hr loop?) can also race cross with your MTB license !! The cross races at Gloucester are fun and the Nationals are again in Providence, PI in December...of course, you would need get a cross bike if you don't have one.

wraith said...

suck it up you sissy pats, killington, and jay. I tell everybody your hard core! don't make me a liar. As for A.P. sympathy is between shit and syphillis in the dictionary. I'm sure the boy is getting his share... of sympathy that is.