Monday, July 03, 2006

Just a'nother day at the beach

Lesli and I had our first ride on Iglehearts' custom tandem yesterday, I like to call it "Big Blue".

Huge fun...this is going to be habit forming for sure.

After a brief riding lesson around the block we were tandem pro's. Communication was essential when slowing, turning and shifting. The shifting part being the most critical...really had to plan ahead of hills and traffic because Big 'ol Blue wasn't the smoothest shifting rig I'd ever pedaled.

We strapped the GPS to the rear handlebar to monitor our progress and to see how scary fast we could get her on the down hills. - only managed to get her up to 27 mph but was plenty fast for Les. I bet if couple guys were riding this thing (Jeff) and we could get her up to near 50 mph.

Spun over to Singing Beach for a slushy and some ocean breezes on this extremely humid day in the north east. On the cruise away from the beach Lesli remarked how easy it was to pedal the monstrous rig...that's because I was doing all the pushing honey...but I liked the work out. Today my body is burnt, legs and ass are as sore as if I'd rode a century. Wonder if this is how you fathers out there feel after pulling your kids around in a bike trailer?


jeff said...

let's bust this bitch-out for the ecv time trial next tuesday. oh yeah, who rides in back!?

Andy said...

is that legal? I'll check the rules. we just need two more guys for the four person got another tandem?