Sunday, July 16, 2006


No racing for me this weekend...Relaxed Saturday and spent some time in the water with Lesli and the boys and then went to a cook-out with Marko Dirks and his family later in the day. Good food, Thanks to Oscar and Erin for inviting us to the party. good times.
Needed a couple days off the bike...body is beat down from a few quality rides last week. Like Jeff, my brain doesn't see the good lines in the woods when what's the point of riding.
Went out Sunday on a solo mission to see if my body had had not. Felt pretty weak through Gordon woods so I popped out at Pine st, skipping Ancient Line and rode up 127 to Gloucester and reentered the woods at red rock. My brain came around and I started to have some good times on Rez Dog and Pipe Line. The tubeless shit that George gave me rocks! That brother hooked me with 5 or 6 tubeless tires and a pair of XL wheels! Thanks again George. Had a Maxxis high roller up front and the IRC Mibro 2.1 in back. Crazy traction and comfortable ride at 37 psi...don't want to run'em too low and damage the rim. 37 seems good.
Got to save my legs for a planned epic comming the weekend of the 22nd-23rd. Should be a rip! I hear Harry Precourt is rolling up for this one! Going to start assembling a good crew for a 5 or 6 hour kahuna. Only took 9 hours last November with Jeff and John H...cause we took an extended trail-side break to eat, and eat...and eat.

Now the big news for the weekend:

Lesli has been researching scooters (I call them mopeds) for over a month... She wants to leave the SUV at home a few times a week and commute to work + run some errands around town. Yesterday, in a moment of weakness on my part, we went down to Cycles 128 for a closer look knowing this would only lead to us buying we did, a used Honda metropolitan 49cc scooter. Fun little toy..just wish we had good weather year round to get the most out of it's 100+ mpg!! yup..that's right..I was amazed too...but not amazed enough to buy one for myself. She loves it. I dig pink flame helmet.

The whole neighborhood came out for a ride infact!

Kate was a natural.

Mean Jean was not, hat's off to her for getting back on after a little mishap with the throttle.

Good 'ole, Don gave it a try. That's the spirit!

Scott was too cool for the pink flame helmet.

I was trying to find the cranks

First grocery run let's eat!


wraith said...

looks like you may attened biker week next year.

jeff said...

this pic makes you look pretty f'ing crazy:
that's some funny shit.

mtnbiker said...

That is a good idea with gas prices and if a bike isn't practical. We are seeing more of these around Asheville, NC.