Thursday, August 17, 2006


How can this be? A few of us rode an epic a month ago, stashed some PB+J's, bananas, water and other goodies in the woods 'bout the half way mark. After the epic I scooted around and collected our refuse, empty water gallons, cooler, and half-eaten bag of Fritos .
Today, after having a RIP of a commute home, stepped in the door and I proceeded to eat anything in my kitchen...but there was slim to no pick'ins :(
So, I reluctantly reach for the half bag of Fritos that I should have thrown out after that rain soaked ride...but I didn't. I put them on top of the frig and there they sat, for a month..till today.
The ingredients say, "Whole corn, Corn oil, salt. No Preservatives"
That's cause I guess they don't need any - cause the chips were as fresh as the day they rolled out'a the factory! If I die tomorrow you'll know why.

on more impressive news..the ditty bops are a couple of extremely complicated, very talented, severely twisted and adventurous girls touring the country via bike and playing their folk music. you go girls! Nice adventure.

Talk about adventure... Give it up for Roz! But did you have to go to Pakistan to race your bike?

I'll share this story from an email with Roz after Delta Airlines lost her bike and luggage while connecting through JFK..."Oh my god, I came close to smacking someone. They didn't end up delivering my luggage when they were supposed to, so I got in at 1am last night (before I am to go riding in the AM) to find that my luggage still had not arrived. I flipped. I called China Airlines, and tried to be pushy, but they could barely understand me. So, I stooped low. I went and got one of the Thai prostitutes in the lobby to speak to me in English (while she was waiting for her fat white old male client) and translate it into Thai for the front desk guy (whose english was not so great). He then helped me get my bags delivered at 4am. It was great. Those girls really will do anything, I guess. I didn't pay her, though, I thought that would really lack class on my part :)."

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