Sunday, August 06, 2006

Grounds for Divorce?

and now, the rest of the story...


IF Chicks said...

What a bitch. Doesn't she realize that without Tinker her precious RUSH wouldn't exist ?

Tinker: "..he asked me since I ride for Cannondale, can't I just give her a new bike ?. Then he says she has changed her mind"

Wouldn't it have been cool to help out Tinker and be able to say her rode your damn bike to win the Jay challenge ?

Tinker is a tiny guy with great finese on a bike, what is she worried about ? the bike might get dirty ?

This guy and his wife had the chance to be Tinker Juarez's friends, but now he is just some wuss who obviously handed over his balls to his wife long ago.He probably likes the abuse.

So how did he do with his race ? Hopefully he spent the entire time realizing what an idiot he was !

Tinker is a class act not losing his cool with the guy !

Andy said...

couldn't have said it better myself.

jeff said...


this is a great line:

"I ride like a flying carpet so I wasn't worried..."

thing is, he does!

JB said...

Ditto on what Jeff said .......

What a great line.

It will become my mantra for when I'm riding rough (always)