Thursday, August 24, 2006

Pebble Beach dive

Feeling a bit burned out on the bike this week. Commuted a couple times to work and an early morning single track session or two thrown in to mix things up. Undecided weather to ride in today, looks like rain says "watch for wet turf" - not like I'm golfing?

Met Peter Ernst at dusk for an amazing dive last night at Pebble beach, Rockport Ma. Entry was tricky because of the "ankle breakers" (fist-size smooth stones) that cover the beach. Walking on the thick layer of stones with 100 pounds of gear strapped to your back takes patience.
Air temps at 72 and water temp at 64 - perfect new england diving. I like diving in a wet suit (as opposed to a dry suit) out of simplicity and hope to dive once a week through December.
Peter lived in Thailand for 5 years and dove multiple times a week (lucky bastard) so he makes a great dive buddy.
We surface swam 30 yards and submerged at about 7:30. Spent some time on the first reef terrorizing lobsters..not hurting 'em just capture and release. I still don't have a lobster license but should, didn't take any of coarse. Tonight would have been the perfect night to collect some bugs. I caught and released about 10-12 keepers as did Peter.
We swam to the second and larger reef and slowly inspected under every rock and in every gap. This reef was teeming with life. Saw what I thought was a pipe fish but turned out to be a rock gunnel. We followed a sea raven , but saw no lumpfish this time out.
We turned at the second reef with 1500 psi and slowly headed back. When we finally reached the beach I looked at the dive data on my computer... 71 minutes of bottom time! This was originally to be 25 out and 25 minutes back but we got delayed looking at the second reef. Thats a long dive. Was a comfortable one. My 7mm Henderson along with the chicken vest kept me toasty.
Gotta schedule a dive with Barry soon...the three of us would have a great time.


wraith said...

leave the bugs alone! these are creatures of nature and the stress you bring to their lives is unnecessary and cruel. They should be viewed from a distance of 15 to 17.5 meters only... Or on kale w/butter and slaw or fries.

Marcy said...

Hey! Sounds like a great dive! I dive year-round (for work) in Maine. Lots of times collecting bugs and other critters for the State's aquarium. Are you actually allowed to dive harvest lobsters in MA with a license? Here it is trap only.

Andy said...

Fun Job! I'd guess you use a comercial dry suit for the winter months huh?
I found info from a year 2000 report, but don't think things have changed. I know lots of divers that catch and cook the little buggers. Here's what the report said:

Coastal Commercial: Allows the holder to harvest lobster anywhere, most importantly inside territorial
Offshore Commercial: Allows the holder to harvest lobster outside territorial waters only.
Seasonal Commercial: Allows the holder, if he or she is a student, to harvest lobster anywhere, but with
a maximum of 25 traps and only during the months of June - September.
Non-commercial: Allows the holder to harvest lobster anywhere using SCUBA gear, a maximum of 10 traps, or a combination of both. The catch may not be sold.

Marcy said...

Nice! If I could harvest by diving I would definitely get a recreational license. In Maine you are allowed 5 traps only on a rec license. Then you have to contend with the territoriality of the commercial guys.

My job is pretty cool when I am out in the field. Not so much when I am report writing. I dive with a DUI dry suit and an AquaLung Titan regulator set-up. I try to throw in wet-suit dives when I can but we cover the coast of Maine (Kittery to Eastport) and I have to do a lot of suiting up at boat launches. Most often I am the only woman. It is much easier to throw on the dry suit than worry about where I am going to change into my wet suit. Plus, when we are diving in estuaries and rivers with slush and thin ice it is much warmer- except when it leaks of course! :)

rick said...

ah, look out, dive geeks! Just kidding of course since marcy will beat my ass! We went in cozumel on our honeymoon and it was unreal.