Sunday, August 13, 2006

What a pain in the...


Went for a dive Sunday with a guy from work. We've been forever talking about diving together and finally did it. Old garden beach in Rockport...Was the first time there and I'll definitely go back. But next time with a lobster license! Lots and Lots of "bugs" - that's Maine speak for lobst'a !
Also, won't make this mistake again...My BCD w/ weights and tank must weigh 'round 90 freekin pounds. So what did I do? (no, didn't drop it on my toe) picked it up and slung it over my shoulder macho man style like it was a camel back and totally screwed up my neck. Didn't notice till this morning but cannot look to the far right or left w/o sharp pains that feel like someone is stabbing me with an icepick. Lesson learned...Put the equipment on in the water!

The water was a balmy 68 degrees at the surface and 66 at 30 feet and with a 7mm wet suit and chicken vest feels like diving in 85 degree water. Not a deep dive, great visibility at 15-20 feet (good for new england) fun looking in the rocks for Lobsters, crabs, pipe fish, huge moon snails, and anything that was swimming around.
The last dive I had in Rockport (two weeks ago) the water was an uncomfortable 52 degrees and I only lasted 32 minutes and couldn't wait to get out! Dry suits are too much $$ for me to bother with..would much rather another bike in my stable.

That's us diving with the dive society from Undersea divers from Beverly, Ma.


jeff said...

it's good to see the chicken suit being used for divin' and not riding'!

rick said...

Are you still up in rockport? If so, you NEED to ride at the Camden Snow Bowl. Let me know and maybe I can meet up with you.

Also, Marcy is a diver for the state so she could probably clue you into some other good dive spots in maine.

Andy said...

Sorry Rick, Rockport Mass. If I head your way this summer I'll give you a shout before comming up. Where in Maine are you?
I'd like to get up to Eastport Maine and do some diving. Sounds like Marcy has a cool job.