Monday, September 25, 2006

loving the ride

The commute to/from work via bike is the best part of every day. I prefer the ride home. September has afforded enough day light and fair temps to allow a fairly mello pace in the afternoon. There are days that my legs don't feel like turning at 190 rpm, so I spin slow and enjoy the view. Things I'd miss unless cruising in the open air.

Today was especially sweet. Left home wearing a chamois and a cotton T and a pack with a rain layer just in case it rained...and it did. Within 10 minutes I was riding in a slight shower. But the weather girl said mostly sunny? - guess thats why I had the rain coat. Was not enough of a storm to get soaked. The water was evaporating as fast as it was hitting my cotton shirt. Perfect temp at 60 degrees, no wind.
On the ride home I did something that I haven't done in 6 months. I put on two layers to keep warm. Shit, autumn is here...but for some reason I can't wait for the cooler months. Change is good. Nothing can stop it so just accept it - or move. Bring on October and November!

In the beginning of this season I wondered if I'd suffer from burn-out by the end. Answer is a definitive: No. (For one thing I only did one race a month.) I can't wait to convert my Igleheart to a rigid 700c cross bike and take on a new challenge.
I missed out on this weekend's vt50 (where Jeff and Thom kicked some SERIOUS ASS!) Not being there was a total lack of planning on my behalf. But missing that race has fueled the need to race again soon.

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rick said...

I stand corrected, that does look like a nice commute.