Monday, October 09, 2006

Sunburn Sunday

Thanks to my mom for loaning her new Mega-Mega pixel camera this weekend. Lesli made a few changes to enable it to shoot pictures a little quicker to keep up with the action.. I don't usually blog so many pictures or play the sports announcer guy, then again- I've never shot 2 Gig of pictures in one day. Just wanted to share some of these photos.
Georgia Gould (Luna Women's MTB Team) grabbed the win from Lyne Bessette ( Wendy Simms (Kona)moved up to take third
Mo Bruno-Roy ripping her final lap to take 11th place

Paul Curley, racing since the 70's! Still ripping it up.
Grabbed a podium spot Saturday for vet men +45.
The helmet-mount rear view mirror rocks.

Jonathan Card (Cane Creek/Cabato Velo) got the style award for the string of pearls and matching sunglasses.

Matt O'Keefe (CCB) moved up from 43rd Saturday to 33rd Sunday

Todd Wells (GT) placed 10th Saturday and moved up to 7th Sunday.
Jesse Anthony Won the u23 cat Saturday but slipped down in rank Sunday probably due to a technical issue with his bike, but just a guess.

Ripping thru the loose corners with little help from the canti's.
I was hoping Adam Craig and Carl Decker were going to upset the Kona duo.Barry Wicks was essential in teammates win Saturday and was knocked off the box by Mark McCormack (Team Clif Bar) in a sprint finish on Sunday.

No lack of cheers for home town racer Tim Johnson as he rode his heart out but Trebon tore it up this weekend.
Check out Kerry's blog to see how I could have gotten run over snapping this shot.

One giant step to victory
Check out Sunday's results.

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