Thursday, November 30, 2006

Zen riding

Waking up this morning, usual ritual of coffee and reading email. Then reminded of last night's ride with Jeff as I wiped my eyes to find deposits of mud in the corners. Last night's trek through the local state park was messy. I haven't ventured downstairs yet but know that my bike is a damn wreck. No hose outside to wash it down right now cause we're heading into winter. I just leave her near the heater in my basement to dry the thick coating till it's rock hard then just brush off the drivetrain the next day with a stiff brush and apply more lube. Although I noticed my derailleur pulleys aren't liking the abuse. They will revolt soon I can feel it.
Toward the end of last night's ride Jeff and I went Zen. Shut out the lights and waited for our eyes to adjust to the darkness. It was a relatively bright night for how foggy it was out. The moon cast long shadows of the trees on the double track in front of us. We cautiously proceeded down the trail, spinning slow in the darkness, listening to the mud squish under our tires, our drivetrains crunching, slowing our breathing, eyes wide open to catch the available moon light. Our pace growing quicker now on the familiar trail, familiar to me not so much to Jeff. You don't consider how quickly a slow pace really is till you blindly spin in darkness bracing for what you could hit at any moment. Fitting way to end a quick ride in the park. Turned back on the lights at the downhill, afraid of nailing one of the protruding rocks and wrecking a calm ending to the night ride.
I wouldn't have done it alone. Night riding alone is generally not a fun thing to do.


jeff said...

zen riding was most excellent.

IF Chicks said...

When I ride at night in the woods alone, I start hearing voices and seeing things that are not real in the shadows. Having at least one other nut ball friend riding in dark with you and it seems like a blast :)

wraith said...