Saturday, January 06, 2007


Remedy ('re-m&-dE) [noun] meaning;
1 something that corrects, counteracts or removes an evil of any kind.
2 My new trail bike
The freakish warm weather we've received has sped up preparations for spring riding. My local bike shop becoming a Trek dealer didn't hurt either. To be perfectly honest I had not considered a trek before the behemoth brand came to Western Cycle but glad Jamie now sells them. I'd always had a sense that Trek churned out thousands of soul-less bikes to the masses... this may not be entirely true. I Demo'd this red beauty pictured above for a couple days last week, then ordered my own 2007 remedy 66.
A quick review of what I thought of the bike;
It rode exceptionally well. Very active rear suspension = not a great climber but hell, this is a fun machine not a racer. Point this "all mountain" bike down hill and hold on. Fun through the rock gardens and aggressive lines. I was most impressed with how little lateral movement the rear swayed taking into account it's pretty massive rocker link.
Happy to see that Trek outfitted the Remedy 66 with a spot on build. Sram x9 and x0 drivetrain, xt cranks, and a Fox 36 Talas front end. I don't know much about the Bontrager Rhythm elite wheel set, but the beauty of buying a high end bike from a giant company is knowing they'll pick up the repair tab if their parts fail prematurely.
Here's a movie of me playing on a horse jump, checking out the BB clearance and testing the plushness of the nixon and swinger 3 way.

I see that Dave Alden Demo'd the Remedy for Dirt Rag. Read up if you'd like. He did a more complete job of reviewing and explaining the technology that Trek put into this ride.


cg said...

I'm looking for an old friend of mind- I wonder if you know him. If you receive this, please contact me.

wraith said...

that sounds awesome! All the goodies and a 36 !

IF Chicks said...

congrats on ordering a new bike !
hopefully all evil forces directed at you has been counteracted.

I just secured bike transportaion equipment for 2007 season on sat (2003 honda element)..soon we ebay the toyota !

Andy said...

maybe you can save $$ on the ever-rising ebay fees and sell it on blogger...

Anyone want to buy a 2002 tacoma with 76000 miles? Make an offer!

rick said...

mad skillz

IF Chicks said...

Tacoma has an extra cab, cap on back, bed liner, 2" hitch and I will throw in a new air freshner.
Only gently driven by my dad and a girl (me).

wraith said...

Did whore-hay attened sunday?

Andy said...

I didn't attend G's ride. VT in pieces. ccb ride instead...can't wait for that new Remedy.

I heard that you and Kenny have been tearing up the trails on a regular basis.