Thursday, March 15, 2007

men acting like children

But that's what makes life fun...minus the crashing.


IF Chicks said...
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IF Chicks said...

Great film editing..
we need to get you a helmet cam :)

I had a few spectacular crashes myself last friday night at Fells on all the ice that would have been good for a few laughs.

Fortunately the digital camera froze up with the weather !

PS i like your new look and name

Andy said...

maybe by fall I'll have a helmet there no end to buying stuff for this sport?

falling on ice happens quick! were you riding studs?

rick said...

nice vid. wish I had the berries to hit stuff like that. of course an xc race bike probably wouldn't last long on that stuff.

wraith said...

It would have been nice to end it with georges back. Ahhh good times

Andy said...

maybe a carnage video next, I have plenty of injury shots...with G's back shot beeing one of the most gruesome.

IF Chicks said...

yes i had studs, but still manage to fall a bunch of times.