Saturday, May 19, 2007

45 and rainy...yup this is spring.

What little hair I've got on my lower legs was standing on end as I rolled from Howard street earlier this morning. Goose bumps galore and smatterings of mud and filth covered much of me as I ripped solo 'round the local loop. Got charged on three espresso shots and a few cookies before I left. I didn't touch the two bottles of H20 on board my steel rocket, the air was soaked with 98% humidity, the simple act of breathing provided all the water I needed for a short 1 hour jaunt over the hills of BP.
It's going to be a 3 shower day, in my bathroom I mean. I took one to wake up, one after the morning loop and now I'm contemplating going back for another helping of mud. Lesli is at the gym, I should nap on the couch (which sounds great about now) but think I'll go and enjoy getting filthy again.
I met Reenie and Tom at Igleheart's shop this afternoon for a fit session for Reenie's La Ruta bike!! Hats off to Reenie and Tom for taking on the challenge of three days from hell in Costa Rica. You guys rock. After Reenie was squared away with her fit session I had one of my own. A 29 SS is in my near future. Chris and I played with some angles and measurements on the calfee sizecycle and came up with a winner. 72 degree ht, 73.5 seatangle and a 23.5 effective tt should do me just right. Thanks Christopher - You 'da man.

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Reenie said...

Actually, La Ruta is four days this year. 25% more fun. Great fun to have you there today. Enjoy the new ride!