Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A bikes best friend...

Anti seize lubricant!
Lots of biking leads to LOTS of bike maintenance, of which I have preformed Nada. My road bike had a rhythmic tapping noise that has grown to a loud crack emitting from the BB and the rear brake cable hasn't retracted for a few weeks. I have ignored the problems for a while but need to address them soon before I'm walking home from work. A sampling of noises my Remedy produces are; Creaking, cracking, rubbing, squeaking, thumping, and Scraping. I bent the rear rotor last weekend, and the pivots need a turn of the wrench, nothing too serious. My new bikes from early season are now the beat-up bikes that need some lov'in but the Igleheart hard tail is still running strong and quiet.

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