Friday, May 04, 2007

sleep is soo overrated

I didn't think that I'd ever say there are benefits to working the 4am shift, but...
1, there's no traffic on rt1 south at the butt crack of dawn so it's a breeze getting here.
(there is a down side...) I don't have the guts to RIDE to work at 3 am. Probably too many drunks still on the road in Lynn and Saugus at that time of the morning.
2, I've got plenty of time AFTER work to ride! Got a good one in yesterday with Daren and Christopher. Fast loop around BP. Started on the full rigid Igle bike, as did Chris. Daren on my dually, half way into the ride Big D decided to try out the hardtial and didn't give it back for the remainder of our ride. He kept saying, "this thing lets you lay down the power!"
Yes it does, on those trails anyhow...gotz ta respect the rigid fork when on technical terrain but for cross country ya can't beat it!
I find myself drinking entirely too much coffee when waking up at 3am though...just got back from another trip to the men's room.
I should mention that I got my ass handed to me on the ccb wed night smack down. Not exactly the impression that I wanted to leave with Mr Pete Smith but what can ya do...was delivered a large slice of humble pie. I think it's beneficial to get pummeled, i mean humbled once in a while.
Gotz some work to do in the smack down dept. Got to find a way to avoid oxygen deprivation with a heart rate of that possible? Had to shut down the engine when I almost blacked out...That was a better option than going down at 30 mph.

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