Wednesday, May 09, 2007

time suck

Lesli and I have been wrapped up with small town politics this week.. We thought it would be a good idea to attend the annual town meeting, vote on the school override and be there to hear the "hot button" debate that has everyones panties in a to allow senior housing in Hamilton! OMG! Not that. Well, worry not people of Hamilton...No affordable senior housing in our fair neighborhood. Let'm retire somewhere else.
I should have got a clip of the debate and youtubed it.. Tempers flared when the amendment needed a 2/3rds vote to pass. 118 to 190 was the count. The nay's had the vote. Things almost got interesting when a selectman called for a vote to reconsider AFTER 50 people left the high school auditorium. Police were on hand, people shouting, some good old excitement for sure.

The past week has been FILLED with quality rides. The ride with Daren and Christopher started it off last Thursday. George rolled up from town and joined Barry and I for a solid 4.5 hour technical singletrack blast on Saturday. Then Bev trekked down from the north with his Salsa 29'er on Sunday and we were out till our legs nearly exploded.
Good stuff people! Hoping to get out with Glenn and Jeff later today...Man I hope the ride schedule stays like this all summer.

Stay tuned for a small video. Creating it has sucked hours of my time and crashed my computer more times than I can remember.


wraith said...

Quit thinking of yourself! we want our video.

IF Chicks said...

What would affordable senior housing be in Hamilton, like 500k ?
They need to keep room for all the horses.

Maybe I can run a senior homelss shelter in my basement for the old folk of Hamilton for some extras cash.

how many police in your big town, a sheriff ? even Andy had that other officer played by Don Knots.

Do you want to mtb ride with me on sat ? Maybe I could met up with you after you have been beaten down for a couple hours by CCB to level the playing field.

ps I am picking up my fixed rear built up wheel tonight, wish me luck in the driveway (i have a 20 track cog).

Jason said...

Yeah, video man!!

Of course I might have been outed as the guy in the back with the "OLDIES SUCK" sign. Kidding of course.

Sounds like a scene. (that should have be on video)

Andy said...

a fixey..sweet

J- oldies do suck.
but that's about all I got,
I haven't downloaded music since the gov't squashed napster (the first time)

maybe it's about time to start.