Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bikes are born!

Rolled sleeveless on the commute yesterday and felt the sun's radiation like I was a cold piece of pizza being nuked in a microwave. 95 degrees and humid as a wet sock..summer riding rocks, with enough H2O on board that is.. I witnessed my pail left shoulder change to tan-brown while looking through my rear-view helmet mounted mirror (I know, way geeky). It was blazing hot, the baking asphalt melted the +'s and -'s off my kenda karma rear tire. Not kidding. No commute today. Powerful T-storms rolling through later. Got a good SS ride in w Kerry this morning. Pushing my commute gear through BP was fun stuff. Too lazy to change out for a more spin-friendly trail gear..42-17, gotta wind'er up and keep her going!
Getting ready for the 29'er SS..It's Born! As always Igleheart has done an incredibly detailed job with the frame. Adorn with loads of stainless bits and accessories like a cool hand hammered quick release seat binder, stainless head rings, star braze-ons, not to mention the welding, fit and craftsmanship is exemplary.
Excited to get'er back but won't be till the end of July. Boxed up & went to paint yesterday down to Vicious Cycles, they do an outstanding job with paint and they got a cool logo too. Of course We'll be flying the Igleheart flag on the downtube..and western cycle stickers on the seat tube! Thanks to Christopher and Jamie for setting me up with this new ride!Now who knows how to install wood floors?


IF Chicks said...

Looks like you will be busy with those boxes of wood til the new bike comes back from painting !

Bill said...

If it's good enough for Bob Villa.... well.

Can't wait to see the 29er.

rick is! said...

good for you taking the 29'er plunge. you'll love it. try it over at lynn woods (i think thats the one) and it'll eat the rocks alive.