Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Kingdom Trails

Well, they lived up to the hype, the Kingdom trails rocked. Met up with Daren on Sunday to experience an epic day of twisty singletrack in Northeast Kingdom VT. The trails are extremely well marked and layed out, and fun as hell. Spontaneous hoots of joy, wide eyed and beaming smiles describe our day. Four hours into our ride the skies opened up and sheets of water blew across the hilly landscape, but the rain failed to foil our merriment, instead making the experience more epic.Looking back at Burke mountain I asked Daren, "did we climb that?" Not realizing we had. The rising switchbacks elevate gradually as you forget climbing, instead the trail continuity, flow and groove take hold & have a hypnotising effect. (Que the uncontrolled hoots of joy I spoke of last paragraph.)Kerry, you were right. Single speed was the perfect way to experience the Kingdom trails. One gear on longer climbs allowed me to develop my new 'dog breathing technique'. Tongue out, mouth wide open, panting like Gus my German short hair pointer - no joke. I let Daren know about D.B.T. (dog breathing technique) but he thought I was joking.
Gus (back right) next to his sisters Taz, and Blue with Tripp (his Mom) down front..all displaying D.B.T.
Sunday was also Father's day. Thanks for a big camp breakfast big Pete.
Six hours in the saddle barely scratched the surface..lets assemble the posse and plan a weekend.

Here's the song that was stuck in my head all day as we tore around NEK.


rick is! said...

sweet, I hope to get there for a weekend sometime late summer/fall.

wraith said...

Great trails, great time. Makes me wish I didn't spend 7 hours on Avery's pump track on sat. I might have seen more trail and less ass!

jeff said...

i'm in for the next one!

IF Chicks said...

Gus sticks his tongue out and pants because he can't sweat ! You just need to breathe like you are in labor having a baby (tongue in) and you'll rock.

I think you need to do SM100 on singlespeed to christen your new frame once it is painted. Taht would be a great way to top off your 100 milers for the year.

Start working on your standing climbing intervals. I remember doing that for at least 20-25 minutes on the beginning climb at Silver Star 2002 solo worlds in BC
when I was on my ss.