Monday, November 05, 2007

how to get CO2 to Costa Rica?

La Ruta is FINALLY right around the corner and almost time to get this show on the road. Hallelujah! I can (almost) stop waking up from nightmares about trying to push a 36x 16 over the Irazu volcano..or worse..dreams of being severely under-geared, spinning at 180rpm all day and night, finishing dead last, organizers rolled up the finish line, food all gone, missing the last bus to the hotel, sleeping in mud, then to be wakened the next morning and forced to do it again in the same chamois. NO, really..those thoughts never entered my head.
I'm excited to be in this situation and looking forward to riding my bike for four days across a mountainous landscape and through dense rain forest of Costa Rica. It will be something to remember, glad there are so many friends and acquaintances in the race. Wish there were a few more. Lets get this party started already! Give me another week and I'll be crying for it to end.
This week has been very layed back. Very few rides. No commuting days. :( Just tapering for a race , a loooong race. Just hanging in and trying not to eat all of the left over Halloween candy. I had a nice ride last weekend with Tal and Jess over in Willowdale and BP for a few hours. We cheated the rain a bit as hurricane Hugo held out till 10:30am. Got some quality hours and more importantly had fun.
The rest of the weekend is a blur. Lesli decided that it had been way too long since having a bash so we invited some people over for an international food party with a emphasis on Ethiopian food. I took care of the international beer selection.
If you are not familiar with Ethiopian food - you should be, cause your missing out. Lots of tasty vegetable dishes, exotic spices, eat with your hands, no forks, using torn pieces of enjira to pick up and eat the food like a burrito. Just watch out cause enjira (a flat bread) expands and will put the hurt on if you don't take your time. Similar to Indian food witch happens to be among my favorite food on the planet.
Now more about the beer..two notable beverages come to mind. Hakim Stout is an Ethiopian dark beer, flavorful, hard to find, if the opportunity presents it self..go with it. One of the best stouts I've ever had. Another notable beverage is a German Wheat that has been brewed for the better part of millennium,(since 1040) but was new to me. Weihenstephaner Festbier . Tastes like a strong unfiltered pilsner. Next time you want something lighter than a lager or ale but with a distinctive taste try one...or just buy it cause the label has a picture of buzzed German nuns on the label ...good conversation piece at a party. Can't go wrong there.
And just in case you haven't heard...
Not like Whittingham and I didn't figure that one out long ago :) but thanks for that news Kerry.

and finally, the simple life of Gus.


Reenie said...

Dame otra cerveza!

doug said...

I'm willing to bet that gear ratio is for 26" tires?

Can we have C02 cartridges in our checked baggage? I was thinking that last night.

Andy said...

I like Dicky's idea about the shaving cream labels. I'm putting a cpl with my shaving kit and let's see what happens...

IF Chicks said...

good luck +have fun..i will be checking the website for updates :)