Wednesday, November 28, 2007

La Ruta Pictures

Day 1 "yeah La Ruta!"
(When I still thought this was a good idea)

Day 2
(4 hours to go, then I can have beer)
"This mud isn't too bad"
Willy Wonka's chocolate waterfall
and the Costa Rican hulk
Morning of Day 3 with Reenie and Tom

It seems Heart Akerson needed to be free of at least one artical of clothing the entire race.

Read more about this truly original human here.

I'm sure Brian's shirt made a few people hungry day 3

Jon Nutbrown was just Hoping Sue Haywood would come and buckle his helmet on day 3

Climbing up front out of the coffee plantation, day 4

Climbing out back, from the coffee plantation, day 4

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wraith said...

To bad this time most moments were malox moments.