Sunday, December 23, 2007

snow rake

I found a great upper body workout that can be done around the house...literally. All you need is a sh*t ton of snow on your roof and a snow rake. Cranking the tunes also helps.
I was going to go for an xc ski or road ride but my house was letting out alarmingly loud cracking noises that I needed to investigate. Maybe the old saying "they don't build'em like they use to" applies in our case. We love our ranch house but it maybe a tad under built by today's standards.
Heavey rains coming later today it was probably a good thing to scrape off a ton of snow and get rid of the ice damns that were forming.
Does a person own the house or does the house own the person.. hey at least I got a workout!


IF Chicks said...

looks good..
let the rains begin !
How's your back ??

I am off til Jan2nd.
We need to do a GSPub or Bible BBQ run sometime soon !!!!!!

megA said...

the roof rake is brilliant!

my sweet hubby was standing on the roof with a shovel. . .scary shit.

our house makes really loud cracking noises too--i was told that wood houses shrink up when the dry winter air robs the swollen wood of its humidity. it is still un-nerving sounding. . .