Monday, January 21, 2008

I feel like Andy Rooney

What's up with people taking their dogs for a ride in baskets? I was surfing on ebay and tripped across this phenomenon. It seems a little crazy...wouldn't the dogs be better off walking and getting exercise while you have them outside? Here check this one out. It has pictures of Huskies and dalmatians on the your going to get a 90 pound dog into a basket? Good luck.
These ones are nice and thoughtful, got a bit of shade to keep ren and stimpy comfy and cool on the hot days
...and a dog trailer? Maybe it's just the dogs I've owned but I don't see any dog staying confined too long...maybe that's why the dude in the picture is holding on to Fido?? One glimpse of a cat or squirrel and you'll be glad your on the bike..cause that's the only way your going to ever catch Sparky on his rampage around the neighborhood.

ok, this is the answer to confinement..hell, maybe Dominic's answer to getting back on the trails..(Dom is my 13 yr old retired mountain bike dog). From the makers of Track'r Pet Bicycle Trailer - Our Track'r Bicycle Trailer is a great way to maintain an active lifestyle with your pet. If you want to get in a bike ride, but your pet isn’t up to it, you can still take them along. Going to the park to give your pet a little fun and exercise? Why not get some exercise yourself on the trip their and back, without tiring them out along the way?

Without getting tired along the way?

isn't that the point?

This one has a "dog roll-cage"

wow, the deeper I dig into this the weirder it gets...this company make dog helmets??

with no ear holes??

yeah, and this isn't the strangest thing EVER??

ah ! This one's got style..

where do I order?


IF Chicks said...

I have never met a dog who likes to wear a hat, let alone a helmet !

You need a dog stroller when you take your pooch out to the mall shopping like Tori Spelling:

rick is! said...

If I tried to get my dog in that he'd tear my scalp off and munch on my brains because I obviously don't need them anymore.