Friday, February 08, 2008

Nahbs comming east for 2009

The North American Hand Made Bicycle Show is again underway out west but looks like the show is coming east for 2009! Some chatter online about the '09 show presented in one of the countries friendliest know Boston and NY are out. Is Philly a friendly city, I know some friendly guys from the Philly area. ..can I stay on your couch next year?? Guess we'll have to wait till the closing bell tomorrow and big Don Walker will announce.The venue for the '09 show will be a closely-kept secret until the awards ceremony in the show hall at 3 p.m. Sunday 10th February.
Apart from having the requisite convention center, here are a few features of the new venue:
The governor of the state concerned wrote to express his desire to host the show
The host city is within one day's drive of approximately 100 million people
The state concerned is adding $20 million a year to build, expand and link the state's trail systems, and sees bicycling as a major part of that
Three micro-breweries are situated within two blocks of the expo hall, and the host hotel is right across the road
The city is regarded as one of the most hospitable in the USA
Highlights from what little I have seen....Chris King making frames? and intergrating a brazed 1 inch steel set.
Pereira developed his version of an old rod-actuated front derailleur for those of us that like to step backwards with technology.
Igleheart has got a limited supply of TomiCogs for sale at the show
Jeremy Dunn and others will be debuting their artsy high zoot 'cross mag Embrocation
and 650b wheels are the new '29ers. But, do we really need another size?


Arleigh said...

As a custom designer another wheel size I would think would only benefit you. Think about it from a sizing an fit standpoint.

(This is only my personal opinion..)

Andy said...

I agree with you Arleigh, some people would benefit...and people in the custom frame world are excited about 650b. Enough to pursued the wheel and tire manufacturers to create a decent selection of hoops and rubber? Time will tell.

Thom P. said...

I'm OK with 650B/27.5ers just so long as they market them as "29ers for Midgets".

Andy said...

interesting 27.5 wheels on your current 26 inch bike.

Arleigh said...

I have been riding a 1x1 with 650b wheels shoved in. Check out the rest of for my reviews.