Saturday, February 16, 2008

ninja training

On a sickness scale of 1 - 10, (1 being "wow, I might be getting sick" and 10, "I cannot imagine ever getting well again") I was a solid 7.5 in the range of, "holy shit, this sucks".
Mostly repertory distress with gravity aiding in the evacuation of slime through orifices in my head at night. It is annoying to be sick, at least it rained most of the time so I had that going for me. Loads of TV time on the couch, the couch that must now be disinfected. I was somewhat aware of a marathon run of mythbusters on presidents day while coming in and out of consciousness. I also found my new favorite show, although it was exhausting to watch at the time.

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jeff said...

that sucks. hope your feeling better bro.