Monday, March 10, 2008

dawg town



wraith said...

AWESOME!!!! old school video. you went to the quarry, did you get chased by dogs? go swiming? walk the log? ride the swamp bridges? come on man! I want to know.... I see Jeff was pickin teeth out his ears. Damn I gut four feet of snow in my yard and you gut glosta lovin.

rick is! said...

man, I can't wait for some dirt. been over 4 months.

Andy said...

you northern boys are invited to the coast any time, get your dirt fix!
Just a few dogs, none chased. No quarry swimming, tho Barry found a deep puddle to slide 'round in.
Bev was a wild man, rockin the technical fully ridgid with my wife's white water helmet know bev...forgot his!
Good 'ol DT hasn't changed.

jeff said...

i'd like to say i was rockin' the rigid, but it was more of a beat-down than a ride for me. bev is an amimal!

IF Chicks said...

great video with crashes and all. you guys should have attempted to hotwire the cat.