Monday, March 17, 2008

it's a small world after all

I am a firm believer that people only change when forced to change. The "super-size me" mentality compelled to "miniaturize me". We traded our gas hogging four runner for a roller skate and golf cart last week...but I don't golf.
Skating into the muddy lot where Glenn and I were to meet the crew for yesterday's beat-down, (I mean ride) - my golf cart was dwarfed by Jeff and Matt's construction vehicles, yeah I felt a little dumb looking back at my car-t, but hey it is fun to drive.

the prius doesn't look like much from the outside, but the instruction lesson to learn to operate the hybrid went over an hour.
Gus did not agree with our choice of hatchback.

...and of course I had to rip right into the wiring harness of my finely engineered Honda to install some needed gadgetry.

There is however a limit to Miniaturize me...Ride a bike.


rick is! said...

hopefully you guys are one of many making the switch.

IF Chicks said...

That would be funny if you commuted to Logan thru Lynn neighborhoods on a Segway.

congrats on the new toys..

wraith said...

She looks to be a 4-d cell with a 9 volt for good...Power.