Saturday, April 12, 2008

master craftsman

In a quiet town,
along a wooded street,
in a quaint garage,
Mr. Igleheart has been a busy man.

I'm lucky guy to ride his bikes and luckier still to have witnessed many an art form born from steel tubing in Christopher's shop. I've known him just a few years, his work has never looked so good. Chris' excitement and energy level is at an all time high, as is the detail he pours into his craft.
Dropping by to see what the mad scientist has created this week. Bike shops, or Shops in general, are some of my favorite places.
A Stainless rear triangle from a Pista break-away is out of the jig and now amusingly posed on display near a small window on the garage door. There are more squirrels than pedestrians here on the back road to admire the handmade subtle perfection of imperfection. The squirrels may appreciate it.

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