Monday, June 02, 2008

Essex County Century

On par with Kahuna, yesterday was my first Essex County Century. North Shore riders came out in droves to form a 70+ person peloton to loop 100 miles of back roads, stopping at each of the four sponsoring bike shops for water and refreshments. Organized by the guys and gals from ECV, thanks for the ride. It was the best group road ride I've ever experienced.The A group was comprised of mainly mountain bikers, Jon "tri guy" Greeley, Skippy "long legs"Johnson, "La Ruta" Roger, ED "the linebacker", Aaron "I'm old school, but schoolin you", and who could forget the big engine of Pete "sooo pro" Smith. Some great training miles, I haven't opened it up like that in a long time.Here, a short break while Armando assesses damage done after he took a header on the corkscrew corner of Cherry Street, Gloucester. We ride 90 miles and Armando crashes five blocks from his house. Hope you are feeling well today Armando.Jon has got the ride details via his gps watch. The triathlon guys have all the toys ya know. Hoping he emails the route and way points this way. But in all ride total was 100+ miles at an average moving pace of 20+ mph, that's why my legs feel like jello today...but I cant wipe the smile from my face.My favorite part of the ride...we are on the home stretch back to the hosting shop of Seaside Cycles -Manchester, and a rouge roadie jumps into our group and whips up the pace creating a dash for the final 5 miles. precious.


jeff said...

you forgot to mention andy "the diesel" sanidas.

Andy said...

a combination hybrid would be ideal, solar and turbo diesel that also consumes larabars and bananas. If the engineering dept at VW is reading, can you aid in the development of solar collector on my back and forearms please?