Friday, June 20, 2008


Started out as base miles but quickly turned into a favorite part of my day. Yesterday I surpassed 2000 commuter miles on a fixed gear. In all, two flat tires, many times getting caught in the rain, couple close calls, watched a building get built, got some strong legs and loads of fresh air. Obsessed? ... probably.


wraith said...

de-facing public property! Saving the world 1 bike at a time!

Andy said...

I said nothing about defacing property :) and u can't prove anything. just dropping bread crumbs so I can find my way home.

John Hurley said...

I'm curious how many revolutions that is....hundred thousand, five hundred thousand...think of the gas you saved! Nice!

Andy said...

well, good question;
42 x 17 gear
3 revs a second (aprox)going at a good clip * 60 seconds = 180 rev's per minute * ~150 minutes each round trip = 27,000 a day.
50 miles round trip / 2000 miles = 40 trips * 27000 = 1 million, eighty thousand revs.
Damn, I need to start thing life cycle here, even then.. with a fixed gear...even if I spin a 100 revs/min...there is no coasting! It still takes 1,080,000 revs to go 2000 miles.
Maybe start riding the road bike again ;)

John Hurley said...

Nice! Over a million rev's!