Sunday, July 20, 2008

Colorado Trail

Home for two days and packing for the next adventure. This trip will not include diving to the bottom of the ocean but we will be climbing to the top of the Rocky Mountains. I think of it as an experiment; see what happens to four mountain bike guys that live at sea level when they travel to Colorado, bike 500 miles and climb 60,000 vertical feet in eight days. Who's idea was this again??
MTB Tom set up a data base for us to post progress when cell coverage is available. We will be traveling through Frisco, Leadville, Buena Vista, (near) Salida and through Silverton and on to Durango from July 22 - July 30.
Follow our Journey here.


IF Chicks said...

Good Luck and have fun !!!!!

Tomi said...

yeah, does look like fun!

gilles,michelle said...


Good luck to you buddy and to your friends.

It sure looks more demanding than diving at Cayman Brac.

Your diving pictures are real nice. Thanks for including us.

Gilles & Michelle
Quebec City, Canada

Tom said...

First update posted by Andy has been posted. Check it out: