Sunday, July 06, 2008


Ripple and snap, crack crack and clak clak clak. The aluminum flag pole leaned, and drivers took note as this rider throttled his proud Mary near 70 mph. Cracks like fireworks, as he ripped south'bound rt 1. Oh yeah, it's the forth of July!

wiffle ball, why not! It's been a good ten years since the last time, maybe fifteen! Man my neck and lats hurt two days later. Why is it two days later? it's always two days.
Got my ride set up, now to wittle down my gear a little more, or less, my toiltry bag is entirely too heavy. I've got the rebuild kit for my reba, could take the abuse. Lets see if enduro seals can handle. Going rigid would be interesting, but if my fork seals can't withstand the are my arms going to feel?


jeff said...

your arms are stronger than that Reba!

IF Chicks said...

what about all those pushups ? It's only 500 something miles..just think of the buff forearms you'll have by durango !

Andy said...

I havent done a push up in a year. lots of sit ups. maybe I should practice wincing now.