Tuesday, September 02, 2008

More than a race

Shen was awesome once again. Glad to see everyone. And yes, we rode our bikes ALL DAY!
For those in attendance -you know what I mean.
Thanks to the guys that kicked my ass, I needed that. I could have dealt with less than three flat tires but what eva'. Props to Elk for kicking me down his pump when mine didn't feel like working and to Tomi for putting up with my constant babble up Shenandoah.
Was fun rolling through Dowell's Draft in the midst of the women's race with Betsy, Trish and Cheryl. They were laying it down!
Enjoy the movie, though many pictures came out blurry... hard to operate the digi cam while gasping for air and eating bananas.
Check out Tom's blog for better photography. Gwadz also has some good stuff on Shen.
See ya's next time around.


Thom P. said...

"It's the best thing that you've ever had" those lyrics refer directly to the post race brunch right?

I swear to god, I am going to do that thing next year just so I'm at that freakin' table eating my weight... F-that, John Goodman's weight in pancakes and eggs.


Andy said...

you'll have a tough time keeping pace with TG. He's an animal at the brunch table!

IF Chicks said...

A whole lotta LOVE !!!!!!