Monday, October 20, 2008

winning view

Sunday Gusty Sunday on a simple fixed gear cruiser around Cape Ann. Stopping at Stage fort park to give the hammies a ten second stretch. The ground displaying evidence of last weeks epic battle between Trebone and Johnson.
And I am thinking...So, what exactly is a battle ship doing in Gloucester Harbor? This cannot be good.
Kudos to Mark Babineau for cutting in the run-up on day two. You can't see it but the racers had to jump up a two foot wall and then climb a 30 foot (45% slope) comprised of potting soil.
AP and I watched and drank beer - 'Cross is so much more enjoyable as a spectator.

Gloucester Cyclocross Seat Cam from colin reuter on Vimeo.
Gee, why do they call him tree farm again?
Tim Johnson, home town hero, finishing up with style.
I arrived too late for the B-men's battle. From what little I did catch, Jeremy Dunn had things under control on the last lap. Looking strong, sizing up his competition with a focused glance. A powerful lunge in to the back field and kept us guessing. Some bad luck getting jammed up with another rider and eventually crossing for fifth. He got third on Saturday. He'll be on the top of the podium soon.

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doug said...

you know. it just occurred to me... guess where my GF's parents live and where she grew up?

your backyard.

well, not literally. but you get my point.