Friday, January 30, 2009

Caption Contest

Benign as it may look, the results captured in this picture was a big deal yesterday in the lives of hundreds of employees at my company and thousands of air travelers on the (Major) airline for which I work. I'll set the stage and let you'all come to the conclusion (which I really don't know the full out come yet).
Somewhere in Arizona, some one gets back from lunch, climbs into his small excavator and resumes digging in front of a non-descript building on the out skirts of Phoenix. He's contracted to drill post-holes to provide shade for the desert dwelling people living and using the parking lot. When he unearths a long pink snake, and it aint organic. It's the worst case scenario for communications between EVERY system we have.
Re-routs were orchestrated, a sys priority plan scrambled, fines averted, and a guy in a hole in the desert till late last night with a flashlight clenched in his teeth and the mother of all fibre splices in his two hands. Who thinks that strand will every work correctly again?


wraith said...

A line with such importance you would think would be deeper/have caution tape/and be in a sleeve to prevent rock abrasions. How's the planes?

doug said...


that is why you talk to city hall before you dig.

airlines? didn't know you worked for them. i'll make sure your engines are top notch.