Sunday, January 08, 2006

Duathalon part one

January seventh was an incredible day. I woke early, had some caffeine and went to the basement to warm up the legs on the stationary bike. I like to call it "time machine" b/c it's so damn old. Did some light stretching and then drove the 5 minutes down to Bradley Palmer for the start of the Fat Ass 50 K. I was surprised at the turn out. Must have been 50 runners standing around the support table waiting for the start of the run. I don't even want to call this event a race, more like a bunch of people running together.
The organizer thanked every body for bringing some thing for the support table, which by the way was stacked with everything a hungry athlete could ask for. Lots of Gatorade, water, cup cakes, cookies, fruit, bagels, breads, salted potatoes, etc - more food than we could possibly eat!
Ok...ready, go. There was no sprinting, not even much of a hustle. We were all talking and just jogging together for the first 5 minutes of the run. The group spread out after a mile and I found myself alone for the first 5 mile lap. Comfortable 8 or 9 minute/mile pace.
Shortly after the first lap two guys joined me. More enjoyable than running alone. We introduced our self's, their names were Steve and Zeus..never met a man named Zeus before. They were fun to talk to, both local guys just out for an early season run.
I had to slow up my pace at 8 miles. Left knee was beginning to ache. Steve and Zeus slipped away as I stopped to stretch it out. I didn't feel pressure to run through any pain today..this was simply a fun run.
After finishing my two laps I returned to the support table for breakfast. I was starved. I stood around the table for a few minutes gabbing it up with people who also were calling it quits after 10 miles. A bagel, piece of pumpkin pie, banana and a cup cake, thanked the organizer for the run and I was outa there.

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